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We provide you with only the very best mechanics based in Launceston Tasmania. We can provide a range of Brake Pad Repair services in Launceston on your car whether you are at home or work.

Brake Pad repairs

Brake Pad Repair Services

Braking systems in your car are among the most crucial safety elements. Brakes help you slow down and prevent accidents. Brake systems in modern cars are very complex and it is essential that you have the whole system checked and maintained regularly. This will make sure that your family travels in complete safety. We advise that you check and repair brake systems every six weeks to maintain them in good working order. Brake Pad Repair Services should be performed by an expert like the mechanics we provide at Launceston Mechanics.

At Launceston Mechanics, we maintain your car using only high quality technicians and using only genuine parts.

Our professionals can:

  • Provide and match disc pads with such brands as Bendix.
  • Inspect disc rotors for thickness and condition.
  • Clean and lubricate caliper pins and contact areas.
  • Check brake fluid levels and top up if needed.
  • Assess park brake performance and repair if required.

Frequent brake problems and caution signals

Here are (some) of those signals that your car’s braking system could indeed require a checkup:

  • A spongy brake pedal
  • Squealing brakes
  • The brake warning light is on
  • The vehicle is pulling to one side once you brake
  • Using the brakes, a noise can be heard
  • The brake pedal being tough to press

How do automobile brakes work?

Brakes are a part of your vehicle’s hydraulic system, letting you slow down or stop the car using friction and pressure. These brake pads and shoes then catch onto the metallic rotors and drums at the wheel assemblies, therefore slowing or halting the vehicle. The emergency brake system usually applies the brakes to the rear wheels electronically or mechanically when you activate the hand brake or foot brake.

A hydraulic system can be utilized for many modern automobile brake systems. For example, when you use the brakes, the brake booster dissipates pedal pressure and transports this strain through the brake fluid into the brake pads. Since brake fluid does not compress under pressure, the brake fluid could immediately transfer braking power.

Most cars will however use drum and disc brake assemblies inside their brake systems. Some cars will use a combination of both disc and drum brakes. The majority of cars now have disc brakes. As safety and performance consciousness increases, many automobile manufacturers are fitting Anti Lock Brakes (ABS) — a computer-controlled system — as an additional braking system element to avoid wheel lockup and slipping. ABS will therefore work along with other vehicle systems like stability control.

Braking System Parts

It is without a doubt, these need to be carefully and routinely maintained to make sure that your braking system is working flawlessly.

Brake repairs and inspection

Our experienced technicians conduct a detailed review of your car’s braking system parts and can inform you on any essential brake repair service requirements.

Launceston Mechanics professionals will check spongy brake pedals, low brake fluid levels and irregular wear on brake pads and brake rotors.

If you are planning a long road trip, its recommended to perform a brake system service. This guarantees the best possible vehicle performance and security. We utilize only the most reliable mechanics and brands when performing our brake pad repair services. A warranty is included in all our work. Fill out the form below or contact us to get a free quote.

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