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We provide you with only the very best mechanics based in Launceston Tasmania. Our professionals can provide a range of Log Book Servicing on your car whether you are at home or work.

Log book servicing launceston

Log Book Services Launceston

Car Service “From the Book”


Log Book Servicing entails assessing and/or replacing certain fluids and components on the automobile at the time periods recommended by the manufacturer.


Many people will think they need to return their car to a dealership for New Car Log Book servicing so as to keep the guarantee. In fact, the ACCC have always affirmed that under Australian Law, you’re free to have your automobile support completed by a agency or support center of your selection given they are competent to do so. Launceston Mechanic can provide you with fully qualified mechanic to perform Log Book Servicing on your vehicle.


What is a Car Log Book?

A car log book is a manual given by the cars manufacturer. It contains advice on the recommended or specified service conditions. It guides your own mechanic to what needs care at that particular support period. It’s also utilized as a record of all Services performed. Completing these solutions on time will help to conserve your car’s re-sale worth. It will also extend the life span of the automobile and help to keep the guarantee.


The log book in certain vehicles comes with a box to sign and complete. This suggests it needs to be completed by an authorised dealer. The ACCC has verified that if a log book is tagged in this manner, an independent repairer may sign or stamp the appropriate page. This wont affect the manufacturers guarantee. Provided they are capable to do this and that all crucial requirements are satisfied. Our Launceston Mechanics we work with are completely qualified to perform your log book support and confirm your log book service documents .


Contact us at Launceston Mechanics for your next log book servicing.


Why should I select Launceston Mechanics for the Log Book Service?

When you select Launceston Mechanics for your own log book servicing requirements, we’ll make sure one of our professional mechanics will care for you and your vehicle. We’ve got local technicians current with contemporary automobile technologies. We only utilise the very best mechanics in Launceston and use quality branded goods, which are subject to our expert Launceston Mechanics rigorous manufacturing quality criteria. The best components will be used for your vehicle. The mechanics can supply a nationwide guarantee on each service we do. Wherever you’re in Tasmania, we’ve got you covered.


What’s a Manufacturer Warranty?

A Manufacturer or Dealer Warranty is a guarantee to the customer a car will be free of defects for some length of time and any flaws will entitle the customer to a fix or other compensation. All these are provided along with your customer guarantees.


Will my Warranty be void if my vehicle is serviced at a Non-Dealership?

No more. You don’t need to use a Dealership to protect your new vehicle warranty or your customer guarantees.


How does a Non-Dealership protect my new car warranty?

A workshop should stick to a set of guidelines when performing a log book service. These include using quality spare parts by respectable suppliers. Also by using fluids and lubricants which satisfy the manufacturer’s specifications. They need to run the log book servicing in accord with the manufacturer’s directions. It must be completed by employees trained, supervised and appropriately qualified. If you have any questions, we are here to help. Alternatively, you may read from the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association about automobile servicing here.


What if I have a defect that is Warrantable?

In case you’ve got a warrantable defect, it might be a condition of the guarantee that any work to fix is completed in the Dealers workshop. Launceston Mechanics can help you with this service and your next log book service.

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